Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Nature-Starved? It's Not too Late to Get Thee Outside

David Suzuki recently wrote a great blog post entitled "A Term for that 'I Need Time in Nature' Feeling."  In it, he invited readers to write in their thoughts on what that term would be.  As David posed, if "hangry" is "hungry & angry" then what might be the right term when you are nature starved?

All of this got me thinking about my last two weeks.  I was struck by the fact that a majority of it has been sponsored by the great outdoors.  These are the perks of summertime--the freedom of schedule to be able to go out and about to do these things.   I've found myself...

Beach combing for shark's teeth in Chesapeake Beach:
Sunset sailing in Annapolis on the Windward Schooner (followed up by walking about downtown, ice cream cones in hand!):
 Hiking the Billy Goat trail in Great Falls:
Swimming in our backyard pool:
Even hanging out with Billy Joel, moving and grooving to some of my favorite songs during his outdoor arena concert.

And let's not forget:  mowing the yard, pulling weeds, biking the neighborhood, reading under the trees, & dining al fresco after dinnertime grilling.

If you still need a little encouragement, watch this Clif Kids video

So are if you are indoor-i-fried, "denatured," or feeling overly AC'ed, it's not too late to get out there, troops.  There's still plenty of summer ahead, and many opportunities to get outdoors.

What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate the great outdoors this summer?

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