Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Eco Leaders: Starting Young & Leading the Way

It's never too early to start making a difference.

Just take notice of these 12 young men & women.
They know that, and have led the way in environmental activism:

I came to learn about this dynamic dozen in my son's 3rd grade class this past year. Moving away from researching historic leaders like Theodore Roosevelt or Leonardo da Vinci (who are great and important leaders), the teachers compiled a list of 30 contemporary young leaders. Kids and teens who followed their passion to make a difference.  Social & environmental leaders who were struck with inspiration, then made a major decision to do something to take action & engage others.

The enthusiasm about these young leaders was "sparktastic" within my son's class.  The students compiled their internet research and were abuzz about the TED talks they watched the GoFundMe pages some of them visited. They researched, wrote, presented, and created amazing 3D structures to showcase their Leader.  They then shared it all out to parents and students by way of their class-created Leadership Museum.

The interactive infographic above will introduce you to 12 of the 30 young environmentalists my son's classmates studied.  Kids, teens, & young adults who followed their passions, making a difference.  But 12 is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the Kids Are Heroes website to be inspired by a slew of other young people who are indeed heroes, leading the way!!

If kids can do it, so can we!
Big or small, it all counts.

Interactive infographic made with the Pic Collage App & Thing Link; snapshop at the Leadership Museum from my camera.

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