Saturday, July 25, 2015

EPIC! For Educators eReader App--Bringing A Bounty of Books To Your Young Readers

Kindle.  Nook.  Kobo.  Sony. 
Stand-alone eReaders, and apps on iPads & Androids alike. eReaders are here, there, and everywhere. 

eReaders make it possible to carry a bounty of books wherever you go. It's revolutionizing the book publishing industry and the way many of us read.

With them, you can carry a stack of books in your hand (on your tablet), saving trees-worth of paper. eReaders are not only a techy alternative, but an environmental one as well!!  Especially if your kids eat books for breakfast like mine!

As youngsters are embarking on the eReader route, teachers are finding them to be a classroom treasure as well.  The EPIC! app is one of my latest #EdTech discoveries that puts an endless number of books in your child or student's hands.  My favorite feature is that they have opened up their entire library for free to educators. Yet, even at the parent subscription of $4.99 per month, it's still a great economic deal for book lovers!  Check out my screencast movie below to help you learn just how epic the EPIC! app is for Educators.

A short synopsis on the merits of EPIC! for Educators 
(an iPad book reader app for teachers and students up to 12 years old)

EPIC! image from; Vimeo video from (created using The Explain Everything app, iMovie, GarageBand, & Pic Collage)

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