Friday, April 3, 2015

Dishing Up Some Documentaries that are Definitely Food For Thought

We were blessed to have a 2 week Spring Break mid-March.  In part, it's done for travel opportunities.  Here at my house, we didn't go on any major exotic trip, but we did do some local day trips, a long weekend to Philadelphia, and then we enjoyed a week-long visit from my mom.  It was my kind of nirvana.

Also during that time, I managed to start a few health trends for myself, and I also watched a handful of eco-foodie films and documentaries.  Eye opening food facts galore!  After watching, in addition to upping my fruit & veggie intake, diminishing my daily Diet Coke consumption, and upping my water du jour, I've dropped more than a pound or two.

In addition to all of that, I creating the the following infographic about my five newest favorite films. I also linked it to trailers using the ThingLink website.  Click the icons below the movie posters to find the trailers to these flix.

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