Friday, May 23, 2014

Celebrating Rachel Carson Through her eBooks

Rachel Carson was a woman ahead of her time.  An environmentalist who's voice started being heard in the late 1930's for the next quarter of a century.  As a writer, scientist, and nature-lover, Rachel wrote several articles and then later books. She is perhaps most known from her 1962 book Silent Spring.  This book became an ecological pivotal point for how harmful pesticides were for our planet.  Here is a brief video created by Open Road Media honoring Rachel Carson.

Three of Rachel's books are at the forefront of an environmental movement this week:  May 20th--27th.  The 3 books are:  Under the Sea-wind (1941), The Sea Around Us (1952), and The Sense of Wonder (1964).  With the partnership between EarthDay Network and Open Road Media, you can purchase one of these 3 eBooks by Rachel Carson.  In doing so between May 20th and 27th, 2014, Earth Day Network will donate $1 to continue Rachel Carson's efforts.  EBooks can be purchased through, iTunes, Kobo, or Barnes & Noble.  Click here for more information

Unfortunately, Rachel Carson died at only 57 years old, yet her words can still teach.  To learn more about Rachel Carson, check out her website or more about her from Open Road Media.

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