Sunday, May 25, 2014

3rd Graders "Paint" the Bay Bridge

It could be almost akin to a sensory taste sensation better than the Doublemint Twins or a Recess Peanut Butter Cup.  Last week we had a 2-day field trip-palooza with our 3rd graders.  First we had the Oyster Release trip on Tuesday, then on Wednesday we had our annual trip to Sandy Point State Park to "paint" the Chesapeake Bay Bridge--complete with beach clean up.  (No kids were injured during the painting of the bridge, rest assured!)   Here's a li'l iMovie montage of the pics of the day!

ECS 3rd Graders "Paint" The Bridge from Vicki Dabrowka on Vimeo.

2 great annual field trips that we've taken the last 7 years. Boy oh boy, I'll miss them next year.  Although this beach is always pretty freshly combed and clean, I did notice that this year we found far more trash than ever before (plastic little straws, lids, cheese wrappers and more).  A telling tale of the times.

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