Thursday, March 27, 2014

Use Your Power: Earth Hour

EARTH HOURWe are knee deep in environmental day season.
Last Saturday was World Water Day.
This Saturday is the 8th annual Earth Hour.

"What is Earth Hour?" you may be asking yourself. Earth Hour is a global event that is held annually the last Saturday of March (this year, the 29th), from 8:30--9:30 pm in your local time zone.  During this hour, people can voluntarily turn off lights/electronics to show their commitment to the environment. The point of the day is that a little action by one, multiplied out, can have far reaching effects.  The visual unity of being part of something bigger than yourself has caused Earth Hour to grow every year since it's inception in Sydney, Australia in 2007.

Earth Hour is even more this year!  Bigger and better than ever before, because this year's Earth Hour Ambassador is a true superhero.  Spider-man to the rescue!!  With the new "The Amazing Spider-man 2" movie on the horizon--and based on the fact that it's Columbia Picture's most eco-conscious movie in history due to the environmental efforts on the set.  These efforts brought the whole project in at carbon neutral...making Spider-man the perfect planetary hero for Earth Hour!

Watch this Earth Hour promo that encourages you to be a superhero for the planet.

Apparently Pocoyo has also followed in Spiderman's footsteps, taking the challenge to heart :

Go with Spider-man's Earth Hour theme & mantra this Saturday night:
"Use your power. Amplified. Multiplied. Globalized."

Additional resources:
  • Learn more about Earth Hour from their website. Or, scan the green QR code here (or click on the link) to see the timeline of how this movement that started in 1 city (Sydney Australia) in 2007 has spread like wildfire, growing each year and gaining more momentum and support.
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