Monday, March 17, 2014

Green With A Side of White This St. Paddy's Day!

Happy St. Paddy's Day to ye!

We are wearin' our green o'er here, we ate corned beef & cabbage, and there was a "car bomb," a Guinness, and/or an Irish whiskey had by one or more in this house (tho not this lassie!).

We are even watching John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara in "The Quiet Man" Irish movie from the word "go."   An annual tradition.

2 years ago, we spent the day outside, poolside. Shorts. Tank Tops.  Flip flops.  Leprechaun hats. Mid Maryland.

I think the most striking part however of this St. Patrick's Day was the snow day we had today. No school. Some of the media portals are calling it our "Shamrock Snow." Striking, at 4 days until the first of Spring, we got 8 (or more) inches of snow--here in mid March!  Yowza!!

Unfortunately too, it was yet ANOTHER snow day!  Ironic, because in the height of the winter, we all love snow days--especially us teachers!!!  (Notice the multiple exclamation points!!)  But we are at the place in the year where our school has used it's four days, maxed out, then fit extra days in where we could...and have still maxed out. My daughter's middle school is even two days beyond us and are adding days to the calendar left, right, and then some! I seriously have lost count, but it seems like she'll be going to school until the Fourth of July!

Additionally, today would have been the first day for us after Spring Break. After a week off, the last thing you really want is another day, another bout of shoveling, another day tacked on to the end of the year somewhere.  You hit a place where it's just too much.

Here's where I go all "Climate Change" on you. Extreme weather is at play.  We're talking mid-March:   There was an earthquake and near 90 degree weather in LA. There was less-than-normal-snow down at this year's recent Iditarod in Alaska. In Maryland, we're blanketed in white. These are the pictures of extremes weather due to climate change.

If we aren't careful as a society, there will be no such thing as "the luck of the Irish" for future generations when it comes to a planet.

So the biggest question is....when are we going to realize: it is up to each and everyone of us?!

Pictures from my house--my peeps, my pups!

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