Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Thoughts

The house this morning is a surprising sound of quiet in that the li'l people here have amazingly decided to sleep in.  Secondarily, their night owl mom is the first one awake to see the morning light.  A double rarity indeed!  Add in it's a beautifully sunny day after two drearily rainy days, it looks like it has the making of a lovely Thanksgiving Day (with the added bonus of reflective time to think about this day of thanks).

I ran across the following video and post from SustainableMan this morning. They both highlight our natural ability to take things for granted--the polar opposite of the themes for Thanksgiving: showing gratitude and being grateful.  (Being a bit of a wordsmith, I find it interesting how similar the words all are in spelling:  granted, gratitude, grateful.)

Initially, I started to steer clear of sharing SustainableMan's "Take Nothing For Granted" video because of the language in the montage. (Be warned, there is some both from the comedian voice-overs and the movie clips.)  Yet, it poignantly illustrates "us" today:  a society that takes things for granted, gets consumed with materialism, and misses the true meaning of what surrounds us.  It's a definite "makes you think...and rethink" kind of video.  Their post on the subject does the same!

Take Nothing for Granted from Sustainable Man on Vimeo.

Ahh, I hear it!  The pitterpat of li'l feet.  I think I need to go hug one of those "what's really importants" who just woke up!

May you have a joyous and heartfelt Thanksgiving this year, focusing on what really matters.

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