Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Talking Turkey Across the Turkey

Thanksgiving is merely a day away.  It's that autumnal time to be centered around an "attitude of gratitude." Family and friends come together for feasting and fellowship.

Yet sometimes, that fellowship brings about an interesting mix of folks, all of whom have a different set of values and views on life.  Sometimes that lends itself toward animated discussions and perhaps heated conversations since not everyone sees things through the same eyes.

If that's the table (& tablemates) that may be facing you tomorrow, here are two sites I ran across today that might help you when it comes to dinnertime conversation.  Especially if those conversation turn political or issue-centric.

The Sierra Club's Holiday Survival Guide 
This clickable site gives you some helpful hints as to what to say to Big Oil Uncle Tim, Eco-Skeptical Brother Jim, Fracking-friendly Grandma, Newby Green Sister Laura, Fellow Greeniac Nephew Chase, and Bah Humbug Gramps.  You can also get some yummy recipes along the way!

Can You Talk Turkey With Your Climate-Change-Denying Relatives This Thanksgiving?
Kate Sheppard's Huffington Post article comes complete with video.  The video is a presentation where Sheppard talks about how she (a decided liberal) has conversations with her farming/Republican family about climate change.  Truthfully, her concept would work well on any subject given she stresses the point of making points based on the values of your audience.

I'm pretty fortunate and for the most part, don't need either of the above.  My family and in-laws know of my eco-warrior ways, and they deal with it accordingly.  But, knowing not everyone is in my same boat, maybe these two sites can offer you some helpful insight!

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