Wednesday, November 20, 2013

CNN Eco-Hero of the Year 2013

It's probably not a surprise to anyone, that I follow a whole lot of eco-peeps over on Facebook and Twitter.  EdTech stuff too.  Well, my eco-feeds today were overwhelmingly telling the same story.  The big story o'the day was all about CNN's Hero of the Year 2013.

For me, I had a double dose o'pride:  Chad Pregracke, this year's #1 Hero, is not only an environmentalist, but an Illinois guy.  Go ILLINI!  I'm proud of the heartland; I'm proud of the homeland!

The numbers in this less-than-2-minute CNN video are amazing alone.  Chad (& CNN) do a nice job of showing (in under 2 minutes) how much impact an inspired "party of one" can make.  This always emphasizes:  One person CAN make a difference.  Working with his nonprofit Living Lands & Waters, Chad has dedicated himself to river cleanups country-wide.   Over the past 15 years, Chad has made a pretty impressive resume for himself:  he has collected 7 MILLION pounds of trash.  That's dedication. That's definitely a "R.O.L.E. Model."  My favorite quote:
"The garbage got into the water one piece at a time...And that's the only way it's going to come out." ~ Chad Pregracke
Sad but true--the finds show that 90% of what is found is recyclable.  Makes you wonder:  what are we doing here?  And why aren't we doing more?  And why aren't we recycling it?

Thank you Chad Pregracke for doing more!

To meet all of this year's hero's, check out this page over at CNN.

In the aftermath of all this info, make December 1st a DVR kind-of-night.  Set the remote, or camp out in front of the telly.  Check out the heroes for some must-see-TV of the best kind.  The type of reality TV that really matters!  Check out "CNN Heroes:  An All-Star Tribute" on Sunday, December at 8pm, EST.

But wait! There's more!

What are you doing Spring Break?!

If you don't have an exotic beach-side adventure in store--you could. Beach-side the Mississippi River, in the Memphis, Tennessee area. Living Lands & Waters is offering up an Alternative Spring Break. Eco-tourism, at it's finest! Check out this video for more insight and information on this project, Spring 2014.

For more on Chad Pregracke, watch this:

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