Tuesday, April 2, 2013

You Know What April Means--Earth Day is On Its Way!

We've made it past April Fool's Day (which is always a trip in the elementary classroom)!   Baby New Year has come and gone.  So has Cupid and the Easter Bunny.  The first signs of spring are cropping up, meaning spring has officially sprung.  That can only mean one thing.  Earth Day is on the way.  A mere 20 days from now, Monday, April 22nd will be upon us.  It will mark the 43 years since its birth in 1970 by then-US Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin.

As a way of paying tribute to this holiday of environmental awareness, I thought it might be good to do a daily share of some of the many finds I'm finding out there.  The wealth of information and resources are huge.  We just all need to reach out and grab them.  So here's my nudge...grab away!!

Here's a picture my sister-in-law snapped on a weekend get-away to Virginia at a local pub she visited.  Sums up the entire gist of Earth Day...especially when you look at the last line both in thinking about Mothers' Day next month AND in thinking about Mother Nature this Earth Day!

Earth Day Logo from http://www.recologyashlandsanitaryservice.com/events.htm; photo snapped a la sister-in-law!

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