Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Earth Day: Report Card Season

Report Card As students, we all knew our school truth came out on Report Card Day.

As parents, we all know that the real truth comes out on our youngsters on Report Card Day.

As teachers, we all know that it's time to say it like it is--on Report Card Day.

Invite your youngsters (either in your classroom or in your household) the chance to turn the tables and let THEM fill out the report cards.  Check out "Runde's Room" over at Teachers Pay Teachers to download this free Earth Day Report Card.  There's a card for your classroom, a card for the entire school, and a third one for kids to take home for their own home audit.  It might make for a nice way to give some kudos for the things you are doing that are Earth Day friendly, and it'll certainly open some eyes about some ways you can move you up the grading scale!

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