Friday, March 15, 2013

World Water Day ~ Part 2

This version of the 2013 logo contains traditional patterns from the USA, Brazil, Mexico and ChinaInfographics are great ways to visualize the importance of and information about a subject, as was evident a few days ago with my World Water Day ~ Part 1 post.  Videos are too.

Here are 2 for you:  the first is an eye-opening one about the importance of opening our eyes to World Water Day 2013.  The 2nd one tells you some of the science of water (and the importance of potable [= drinkable] water), proving the point that "Water is Amazing" (created for World Water 2012 last year.)

World Water Day this year is March 22nd, 2013.

To learn more about World Water Day, check out the United Nations World Water Day 2013 brochure or their website... or check out (Co-founded by Matt Damon).  2 great (& humorous) videos can be found on the Matt Damon link!  Definitely check those out!!

Video 1 from; "Water is Amazing" Video from; Logo from

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