Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The sounds of the bagpipes from church this morning are still wafting through my ears!  Happy St. Patty's Day and the wearin' o'the green!

I'm sporting my "Green Chic" t-shirt as March 17th is a good time to express both my eco-side and my Irish-lovin' side. Also, in the vein of recycling, I'm going to bring up some of my oldies but goodies and "greenies" from my GTG leprechaun days of yore.

Cheers to you and yours today, as your Irish eyes are smiling, while you're drinking a green beverage or two.

Sláinte--a collection of all things green (eco, Irish, and otherwise!)

Pre-St. Patty's Day--a link to 10 green initiatives to take for this leprechaun-lovin' day

The Wearing o'the Green--a bundle of ways to live green, eco-style

Eat Green--green up your food routine

Living o'the Green--my family's St. Patty's Day 2010, decked in green and painting/installing our rain barrel

The March 2009 Green Team Gazette--where this blog started--as a monthly newsletter

Shamrock pic from; Rain barrel pic of our back yard from

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