Tuesday, May 22, 2012

EdCamp Philly 2012: Oodles of Apps & Super Sites

edcamp phillyAs I wrote about in my last post:  EdCamp Philily 2012: Oohs & Ahhs, there's definitely oodles and more from EdCamp Philly.  More than any one post could hold!  So, given that, here's the Part Deux.  Here's where you find my list of of Personal Fav's--new finds all revealed to me at EdCamp Philly this past weekend.  (Well, most of them are new.  I peppered in a couple of my pre-known loves!)  These are the ones I can't wait to check out due to their high educator-based ratings from EdCampers:

Awesome Apps (both free & at cost)

Book Creator
Puppet Pals
Strip Design
Story Patch
My Story
Noteability (easy enough for a 1st grader to use)
Drawing Pad: Best art for early elementary
Art Rage: Like "Drawing Pad" for the 4th grade and up set
Crayola LCC

Screen Casting:
Doodle Cast: Screen casting tool
Explain Everything: Screen casting tool for older kids
Sound Cloud

Photo Synth 360: Make panaramic virtual tours
Tour Wrist: Go on virtual tours picked from a map

Social Studies/Science:
Encyclopedia Britanica Kids
Science 360

Must-See Websites

Cybraryman:  The Treasure Trove of all things Education!!

Change By Us:  A way to share projects to help communities

Jellycam.co.ukJelly Cam:  Stop annimation

Pre-Made Tech Rubrics  

Smore:  Creative flyer maker

Incredibox:  Beatbox music creator

360 Cities:  360 degree virtual cities of all sorts of places!!

This Is Sand:  Creative art pics made with colored "sand"

Pine Glen LTC:  So many great examples of what one school can do!

Apps 4 Ed:  Similar to Appetic where you can get feedback on educational
apps, but this one is more community driven.  The creator was the one who presented it himself!!

These are just the ones I can't wait to see.  But this is literally just the tip of the iceberg.  For more, go to the EdCamp Philly Resources Wikispaces page and go have fun.  Not to mention, look into an EdCamp near you!!

Logo from http://www.edcampphilly.org/

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