Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One Bottle, One Dream

Just when you thought it wasn't easy to be green, it just got a little easier with a new book for your book shelf.  And, if you're in the Tampa, Florida area, you might just find yourself visiting with the book's author!

Tampa's Carrollwood Day School [or, "CDS" for short] was indeed just that lucky.  Local author and creator of the website One Bottle, One Dream is Stephanie Armenia.  Stephanie paid a visit to CDS earlier this April to visit with second grade teachers who had purchased a class set of & activity guide for Stephanie's book When Will We Be Recycled Momma?  After reading her book about Jack (the plastic bottle) who goes from store to recycle bin to a newly-created-something-special, Stephanie led the 2nd graders outside and elbow-deep into a composting activity.  You can't get much more hands-on than that!!  This "real-world connection" dove-tailed beautifully with CDS's International Baccalaureate (IB) World School/Primary Years Programme. To read more about Stephanie's day at CDS, read her blog about her CDS visit here.

Stephanie Armenia with Elementary/Middle School Principal Trudi Buscemi
& Carrollwood Day School 2nd Graders. 
For 2 great videos taking you right to that visit with Stephanie and Carrollwood Day School, check out these two news clip videos from Tampa Bay Online:
Author Stephanie Armenia
Interested in getting your hands on a book of your own? Visit the One Bottle, One Dream store to order individual or group copies, or teacher's resources to accompany When Will We Be Recycled Momma?

Contact the author, Stephanie Armenia, by visiting her website here.

Book image from, pic of Carrollwood Day School students from, Author photo from her website:

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