Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Future of Education: What Kids Need Most from Education

The Future of Education.  Now, there's a big topic!  Even bigger is answering the question of what kids need most from education. 

That question was addressed on February 27, 2012, when 3 heads of school were interviewed for the national Internet radio program of VoiceAmerica Business: Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life by Kate Ebner.

The interview participants addressing that question were:
The broadcast is most certainly well worth a listen as you glean the amazing insight of 3 school leaders who are passionate about their schools' vision, mission, and philosophy.  It's clear that each school is a tight knit community in its own, unique way to build strong, balanced students!
The Future of Education: Three Visionary Educators Share What Today’s Kids Need Most from Education, air date:  February 27, 2012
Hosted by Kate Ebner

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