Monday, March 19, 2012

World Water Day: March 22nd, 2012

Every week (Tuesday, to be specific) we do dictation in my class for our Eagle Cove School Monthly portfolios.  We do so (as a school) to practice handwriting, spelling, phonics, attentive listening skills, and more.  It can be about anything:  a seasonal poem, spelling word sentences, a social studies concept, something along the lines of a "green" theme... the sky is the limit.  This week, we are opting to go green.  I'm tying it in with this Thursday's World Water Day

Learn along with us as we do our dictation:
World Water day is every year
On March 22nd.  It is
Really an important day because a
Lot of people get
Diseases from their local

Water.  It can even cause death.
A million women and
Their children walk
Each day over 3.5 miles to
Reach water that might be

Dirty.  Sadly, 1 in 8 people do not have
Access to clean water globally.
You do!  Don't take water for granted!

To learn more about World Water Day, here are some great resources:

World Water Day photos from,

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