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On the Edge of Earth Hour: Saturday, March 31, 2012

An hour is a mere 60 minutes or 3,600 seconds.  In the grand scheme, it is not a massive amount of time, especially if presented with a favorable activity.  Yet, if well-placed, and synchronized, it can become a very powerful statement.  Earth Hour is the perfect example of that. 

From their video, the Earth Hour video text does a good job of summing up the power of an hour:
It started with an idea.
An idea that became a symbol.
A symbol that became a movement.
A movement that unites people to protect our planet.
135 countries.
5251 cities and towns.
1.8 billion people reached.
How will you go beyond the hour?

This voluntary hour of "lights out" started the last Saturday of March in 2007 in Sydney Australia.  Each year it has grown exponentially.  The simple statement of turning out your lights from 8:30 to 9:30 pm in your time zone is a voluntary, globally collaborative "show of action" in support of  the environment.  Is an hour of lights out going to save our planet?  No. But the commitment toward our planet and the spirit of global union both show how many individuals doing a small thing can transform into something massive!

So make a "date in the darkness" this Saturday night from 8:30--9:30 pm with your candles or for moonlit walks.  Make memories, and make a statement!

To learn more about Earth Hour from a "Green Team Gazette" perspective, here are some great places to visit: 
--Earth Hour Archives on Green Team Gazette

--On Feb 16th, 2011, I testified at the Annapolis Maryland House of Delegates in front of the Health and Government Committee to put into MD law Earth Hour as a legal MD Commemorative Day.  (Sadly, House Bill 223 did not pass.)

Earth Hour Official Websites:
--Global Earth Hour Website
--USA's Earth Hour Website
--Earth Hour's You Tube Channel
--Earth Hour on Twitter
--Earth Hour on Facebook
--World Wildlife Fund's Earth Hour Page

Go Beyond the Hour
--Eager for more?  Is 60 minutes not enough? Check out the "I Will If You Will" Challenge where you can view others' challenges to help protect the Earth...or make one of your own!

Earth Hour banner from, video from

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