Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Camping Part 2: Introspection

Part 1:  Decompression
Part 2:  Introspection

As I walked deliberately in the woods early on our 2nd morning of camping, I got the chance to see lots of wildlife...especially with the goal: 5 miles or bust.  Plus, being in Western Maryland, you are warned as to what to do if you encounter a bear (aka:  look big, sound ominous, don't look it in the eye, and back away slowly ).  No bears for me that morning (thank heavens!), but I definitely got a chance to see a lot of wildlife along my morning jaunt.  Squirrels, deer, birds, butterflies, tadpoles, and more

As I was walking and gawking and generally reflecting on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, I was one with my inner thoughts.  I found myself mentally-narrating my sightings in a Sir David Attenborough style: 

"The scurrying chipmunk. So low to the ground. He scampers far too quickly in the morning glow through the crisp mountain air to be captured (if only by image alone) by the hiker's harmless weapon:  her camera.  Our furry little friend cares not at all for the visiting paparazzi.  No, his thoughts of Darwinian survival are far more pressing to the little fellow's mind. As our outsider approaches with stealth, the keenly-aware chipmunk darts to a rock.  Curious, he peeks out. Alak, alas, he is captured on film, but alert that he is outside of harm's way.  A long glance at his camera-toting space-invader, our squirrel then scuttles off, in search of his morning breakfast bounty."
It's amazing how fulfilling it was, just entertaining myself with the sights and sounds of nature, the silence of one's self. It makes you realize how often we all forget to "take time to smell the roses" and enjoy the unseen obvious that surrounds us.

Two meaningful David Attenborough quotes to ponder in your own introspection:
"Being in touch with the natural world is crucial."

"I mean, it is an extraordinary thing that a large proportion of your country and my country, of the citizens, never see a wild creature from dawn 'til dusk, unless it's a pigeon, which isn't really wild, which might come and settle near them."
Go out and make your own David Attenborough-inspired quotes, or to find some more authentic and actual ones, go to: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/d/david_attenborough.html#ixzz1NycjHlwd
Camping clipart from http://www.clipartoday.com 
The illusive chipmunk, captured by my own camera before he scurried away.

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