Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Camping Part 3: Transportation

Part 1:  Decompression
Part 2:  Introspection
Part 3:  Transportation

In the weekend of movie references, this time I'm struck by the memory of the John Hughes movie in 1987 starring Steve Martin and John Candy entitled "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles."  In it, the two main characters transport themselves from Point A to point B by way of a myriad of methods.

During our weekend o'camping, our Memorial Day version could be entitled:  "Hiking, Zip-lining, and Kayaking."  I must say, these are 3 great ways to see Western Maryland!

Even the youngest in our group of 13 (the five year old) was able to zip on the Chipmunk Challenge Tour at Deep Creek's Wisp Resort.  As for the adults, we opted for the more grown-up version:  The Flying Squirrel Canopy Tour with its 5 zips ranging from 180 to 400 feet. The mountain-side looks pretty amazing if you take the time to look around while consulting your inner tree-leaper!

Kayaking on the lake at New Germany State park is another great way to stretch your muscles, whether your are age 5, 95, or anywhere in between.  The water was pretty calm, and very doable at any age...expecially if you are using a kayak especially designed for kids, being narrower and easier to paddle for the youngsters.  Upper body workout--check!

As for the lower body workout, hiking in the mountains gives you a lot of opportunity to work all sides of your leg muscles (calves, thighs, and gluteous maximus included!)  Especially when you are trying to get in meg-mileage.  My 4 day weekend pedometer looked a little like this (where 2,000 steps is roughly 1 mile):  8,179 steps... 19,070 steps...  21,004 steps... 11,008 steps

Oh yeah, and I forgot about the Mountain Coaster, and even the swimming/wading in the state park's streams and lake!

I think all our muscles...not to mention our confidence from tackling our physical victories...are feeling a bit stretched after this weekend in the great outdoors!
Outdoor adventure & Pedometer Pics:  via me!

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