Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Camping Part 1: Decompression

There's a song from the 1982 movie "Grease 2" called "Reproduction." I'm not even going to go into it because the words are probably highly inappropriate with their double entendres. 

However, it came to me (in a modified version,) on our first night of camping this past weekend, while I was sitting outside our New Germany, Maryland State Park cabin, listening to the rain.

[high pitched echo] decompression..."
Makes you want to go let go.
Decompression, [decompression],
Breathe & just let yourself go slow."

Four hours into camping (yes, cabin camping, but still), and it works wonders!

"Decompression, [decompression]..." 
4 days of the school year left, but TV's, no cellular service, no computers, no smart phone access, no laundry, no chores, no "at-home" distractions that pull you in.

"Decompression, [decompression]..."
Henry David Thoreau is known for his quote: 

"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately."
I went out into the woods this weekend.  I lived deliberately. 

I learned a little bit about "Decompression, [decompression]...", and I breathed.  Slowed down to the speed of life.  Decompressed.  Like a magic elixir on my soul, erasing and replacing my "to do's list" that's a mile long...and I succeeded in this task!

Reminds me that there's more than just the outward meaning to "gone fishin'."  It's a camping philosophy.  It's a way of life, and a rescue.  It needs to hope, and to happen, more often. 

Yes, songs should be written about it!

This is going to be Part 1 of a multi-part series about our family camping adventure this long, Memorial Day weekend, 2011. Stay tuned for more to follow!!

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