Thursday, May 5, 2011

Turn, Turn, Turn!

The Song... 
Turn, Turn, Turn!

The Lyrics...from the Bible, Ecclesiastics 3: 1-15, making the lyrics potentially some of the oldest ever.

The Music....from Pete Seeger in 1959

The Mega-Hit...1965 by The Byrds, where it reached 1# on the "Billboard Hot 100." 

The Cool Coincidence...1965, the year my folks got married.

The Sentiment...Whether you are religious or not, the words are good reminders of all the wonders of life, and how precious life truly is.  Peace...that is the overriding sentiment.  And we all need a little bit of that.

The Video Here.. A great pictorial treat of nature and all that our planet has to offer.  Embrace it all.

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