Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On The Road, December-Style

I feel a bit like I'm living a cross-over of Jack Kerouac's On The Road meets Bing Crosby's 1943 "I'll Be Home For Christmas:"  
 Packed car. 
"Have presents, will travel."  
GPS address locked and loaded, 
and off we go.

The map below isn't quite the route we took, but pretty darn close.  12.5 hours drive time and 6 states later, you get to see a lot of the landscape of our countryside.  The Appalachian Mountains, the rolling hills of Ohio and Pennsylvania, the flatland of the Midwest.  You also get to see the decorated tree in the arrival of "home."  (No doubt, the best part.)
On a trip like this, you realize the vastness of our country, yet you further realize how awe-inspiringly small it is in planetary-comparison to all of our oceans and continents.  You see the magnitude of the vistas and the beauty of December snow....and the pollution that settles upon it--by way of litter, fly-away plastic bags, and soot-particles that fall from factories and automobiles.  

Add in...a trip like this gives you a lot of captured time to think as you're taking in the landscape.  It's a gorgeous li'l world we have out there.  It's my Christmas wish that we, as a human race, all get it together and take care of it.

Seasons Greetings
Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas 
Feliz Navidad
Wonderful Winter Solstice
from the Green Team Gazette
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