Saturday, December 4, 2010

December's GTG Newletter Has Hit the Stands

Hot off the presses.... December's Green Team Gazette Newsletter is out!

Given it's the season of giving, this month's GTG is dedicated to helping you encourage your youngsters to think a little lighter on the side of consumption and packaging, by encouraging the 3R's.

This month's highlights include:
  • Marvy Multiplication (with a "Landfill & Trash" slant)
  • Re-Thinking the Grinch (and link it to Annie Leonard's "The Story of Stuff")
  • Reduce, Reuse, and Wrap It Up (creative wrapping ideas with leftover items)
  • From Landfill-Lover to Eco-Warrior Board Game (a "Chutes and Ladder's" Style of slippery slides to total transformation!)

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