Thursday, December 23, 2010

Have Yourself a Merry Li'l Snowglobe

Everyone loves early Christmas gifts...especially mom's of 5 year-old boys.  And five-year-old boys love giving those early gifts in an "I just can't wait" manner!!

Yes, it's early, but I don't think it's going to matter.  One of my favorite gifts this year has been a hand-made gift from my preK'er...à la the creative genius of the PreK/Kindergarten crew at Eagle Cove School, my Maryland "Green" School.  Spearheaded by their fabulously-talented and creative teacher assistant, each child gave their parents a hand-wrapped gift, with a recycled-card, gift: a hand-crafted snow globe constructed nearly entirely of recyclables.  

To made this wonderful gift, it took an old baby food jar, past Christmas ornaments, and some well placed water, glitter, and glue gun glue.  To add to the "green-ness" of it all, they were packaged in a box constructed of remnants from the laminator and paper shreds from last week's newspaper advertisements.  A true keepsake in every sense of the word!!
And, when it's presented with the pride of a 5 year old who made it all by his most certainly can't be beat!!

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