Monday, March 15, 2010

The Wearing O'The Green

The "wearing o'the green."  Leprechauns do it.  Celtic dancers do it (and jig while wearing it).  Those who are Irish at heart do it (and sometimes clinking their frosty mugs while doing it).

Here on the cusp of St. Patrick's Day,  it's got me pondering what other ways this spring people will be "wearing their green" -- in non-traditional Irish ways Will they be...
  • "Unplugging" those TV's-games-dvd players-computers, and taking advantage of the great outdoors with that extra hour of after-school/after-work sunlight here with Daylight's Saving Time [take the Nat'l Wildlife Federation's "Be Out There pledge at];
  • Eliminating water bottles and using more stainless steel bottles or glass cups, following Cynergreen's "Certified Bottle Free" example  (;
  • Walking a bit more, driving a bit less; 
  • Choosing wiser when it comes to what we put into our body food-wise--upping the greens, buying organic, shopping locally, & partaking in fewer preservatives (ultimately lowering the risk of obesity);
  • Using less throw-away baggies and such, and more reusable containers;
  • Taking part in Earth Hour a mere 10 days from now on Saturday, March 27th, turning off lights from 8:30 to 9:30 pm to signal global environmental support (; 
  • Reducing ... reusing ... recycling .... rethinking ... respecting.    Responsibility.
How are you wearing your green this St. Patty's Day?
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  1. We all know that the world is becoming warmer and this is a result of ignoring green living. We all need to take a responsibility and instead of just wearing green on St Paddy's Day, we need to adopt to green living.

  2. I whole-heartedly agree...thanks for joining the conversation!