Friday, March 26, 2010

Earth Hour ~ Be There or Be Square

Click the title "Earth Hour ~ Be there or Be Square" above  (or go to to catch the Earth Hour video to remind you why you need to be a part of this global event! 

In less than 24 hours the "wave" starts...lights start going off world wide in 1 hour increments.  In your time zone, "Vote Earth" by flicking that light switch OFF from 8:30 to 9:30 pm to take a stand against Climate Change.  With everyone doing that, we'll have that "wave" going in no time...a fluid way to be a part of a movement!

At current count according to, 126 countries have registered to take part.  That beats last year's count by 38 countries!  That's a lot of people sharing in their support and concern for our 1 planet!

In my classroom this week, my 3rd graders wrote pretty dynamic, persuasive paragraphs about getting involved in Earth Houe after viewing some of the Earth Hour Videos.  If 9 year olds can get revved up about it, so can you!

What are you going to do for Earth Hour?

If you're not sure, try out one of these ideas:
  • Send the video and web site around to your family & friends and pass the words
  • Stock up on candles and light them up as you knock out all your other lights at 8:30 pm
  • Play a game of night time Hide & Seek
  • Have a candlelight dinner...perhaps al fresco
  • Roast some marshmallows over a bonfire with good friends
  • Take a moonlit stroll
  • Spend some time in reflection and meditation
  • Play boardgames with your family by flashlight
  • Go stargazing
  • Take a night hike
  • Tell ghost stories
  • Take time having great conversations and quality time with someone you love
  • ...the sky is the limit!  Create your own fun!
Would love to hear what it is you did!  How did you spend your lights out, Earth Hour night out!?

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