Friday, March 19, 2010

Red-Letter Plastiki Day: Saturday, March 20th!

The pressure cooker, the rotating cylinder garden, the pillows, suitcases and travel music are all packed!  After almost 4 years in the making, the time has come ~ Plastiki, our favorite plastic bottle boat, is getting set to set sail!  "Kick off" is at 9:30 am PST tomorrow:  Saturday, March 20th from Sausalito, CA to Sydney, Australia.  For those of us on the east coast, that's 12:30 p.m. EST!  This 100-day adventure will take to the seas "under San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge...on a mission to deliver a global message to beat waste."  [Quoted from the Plastiki link mentioned below]. 

Cheers, kudos, and safe voyage to the crew!  Hats off to expedition leader David de Rothschild, skipper Ms. Jo Royle, co-skipper David Thomson, diver Olav Heyerdahl, film maker Vern Moen, & documentary director Max Jourdan.  We'll be a-watchin' and sending you good vibes all the way!

To see it in the Plastiki crew's own words & the picure above, click the title "Red Letter Plastiki Day", or click here:  

To see what they're going to see, check out this informative video of the Great Garbage Patch, David de Rothschild, & the Plastiki:

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