Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving

Having a little fun with the Canva Magic Tools, I created this graphic as a sticker for some candles I'll be placing around my house for Thanksgiving this year when we host our family gathering. Seemed also like the perfect one to share here today too.

Here's a little poem, in honor of the season, that ChatGPT crafted and I modified to round out my full sentiments of the season. 

In the amber glow of autumn's embrace, 
Hearts gather together, full of love and grace. 
A tapestry of love, woven tight and strong, 
A symphony of gratitude, a heartfelt song.

Nature's palette, a canvas so divine, 
Golden hues in the autumn sunshine. 
Beneath the boughs where the leaves surrender, 
Friends and family, a bond to remember. 

Grateful hearts, like leaves in the wind, 
A celebration of love, where memories begin.
Laughter dances in the crisp, cool air, 
A harvest of blessings, more than a feast we share.

So on this day of thanks, let's raise a cheer, 
For the bonds we cherish and hold dear;
In the company of family and our friends,
A Thanksgiving bounty that knows no end.

May you all have warm memories of Thanksgivings past, hearts full of love for friends and family, and loads to be thankful about this year. 

Image created on using their Magic Media tools.

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