Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Cowabunga Creativity Over At Canva

I've been a longtime fan and user of Canva and have written about it a time or two. And I will adamantly say: things are always getting better over there. 

Earlier this summer I took a PD class at my school taught by a colleague all about creating dynamic visual presentations. No surprise: Canva was a featured tool. In addition to discussing Canva's modifiable templates for presentations, graphic organizers and more, there is a bounty for teachers. Their Canva For Education feature is downright amazing for educators.

During the work portion of our PD, I got the opportunity to play around with Canva's AI element "Magic Design." Using this built-in AI tool, presentations nearly write themselves, complete with content and graphics, giving you a few templates from which to choose. Beyond that, you can tweak the verbiage, the font, the images and more. I was able to create this presentation in about 15 minutes for my upper elementary graphic design elective, modifying the text with just a simple AI prompt that I typed in.

The Elements of Design: Funtography by Vicki Dabrowka

Canva has a wealth of design tutorials and tools on their site on all topics. Using Magic Design to Create a Presentation includes a detailed explanation and video on how to use Magic Design.

While Magic Design is pretty darn amazing, there's still so much more you can do using Canva and its latest supercharged elements. 

Richard Byrne from Free Technology for Teachers is one of my go-to websites for the latest in edtech. These are 3 of my many favorite posts of his regarding Canva:

Two other really amazing resources I have found include the following:

Once you discover Canva, you won't be able to stay away!!

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