Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Plastic Free July

It's July. What's your plastic intake looking like?

If you are participating in the Plastic Free July movement/challenge, you numbers are looking low and impressive.

But even if you aren't, today may be a good day to try. 

12 years ago, in 2011, Rebecca Prince-Ruiz started this movement with some colleagues in her local Western Australian Government. Just like Earth Hour, which also began in Australia, this movement has grown through the years as a way to bring about awareness of not only what we use, but also the power of our purchasing dollars and our voice. Change always seems to hit the loudest when it starts hitting companies in their pocketbooks and wallets!! By using less plastic at the front end, we help eliminate it in our waste streams and landscapes. 

In 2017 Rebecca Prince-Ruiz created The Plastic Free Foundation and you can check out her Plastic Free July website.  This video shows the impact of Plastic Free July 2022.

Whether you read about it last year here on GTG, have been a long time pursuer of less plastic, or are just wanting to start today, it certainly is never to late!

Things you can do today:

It doesn't matter that it's the middle of July. What matters is that you start. What's your step towards a plastic free lifestyle?

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