Saturday, March 11, 2023

Environmental Stewardship: Board-Game Style

Years ago when my kids were younger, I ran across the game Earthopoly. Of course I just HAD to get it! As the name suggests, it's the eco-friendly version of Monopoly. We even played it in my classroom one Earth Day, many years ago.

We all know board games are a great way to have some fun. But they also serve as a good opportunity to learn along the way.... and for some, maybe even save the planet. Many of the environmentally-slanted games that are out thereare cooperative games, showcasing the importance of how we all need to work together to solve the planetary problems. We either all win...or we don't. 
Additionally, by working together to build a better future, games such as these promote an element of proactiveness and hope, which counter the bleakness and apathy that climatory concerns can bring. Not to mention, many of these games insert a little scientific information along the way, making environmental education even more accessible. While you play, you build your strategic thinking skills as well as creativity and empathy. All of these skills are important for helping to solve real world dilemmas. 

Some of the popular eco games that are out there (listed alphabetically):
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