Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Endangered Animals: Where A Pixel Is Worth 1000 Words

In the category of "a picture says 1000 words"... How much does a pixel say? 

Here, I think both the pictures and pixels say a lot. 
University of Maryland student Josh Smith (whose Imgur screen name is JJSmooth44), used the 2008 WWF project Population by Pixel as inspiration to his own photo/design series. Using a computer generated design program, he used the number of pixels per picture of an endangered animal to show the equivalent number of animals left per species. What this means is that the more undistinguishable and pixilated the picture is, the more endangered or close to extinction the animal is. 
Josh Smith's series went viral nearly 4 years ago in our pre-pandemic world in September 2019, yet it has started circulating once again with views nearing 150,000.  This level of art-meets-environmentalism visualization can certainly pack a punch--especially when comparing those images that are sharply in focus (meaning the species is flourishing) versus those poorly-pixilated animal pictures.
In one article I read, it discussed that now that our human population has surpassed 8 billion people, the level of high resolution of that picture would have shown the most minute details, including being alert to zoom in to see individual facial pores.
Every Pixels is one animal. The more pixelated the image, the closer it is to extinction.

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