Saturday, February 11, 2023

Heather White's "Think Like An Awesome Ancestor" TED Talk on Eco-Anxiety

What are your daily practices?

Coffee in the morning?
Exercise or meditation?
Walks after dinner?
Couch cozying and binge watching?
We all have those things that we do every day. Purposefully or not. 
Several posts ago I wrote about Heather White and her One Green Thing climate action superpower online quiz. It's been a book that's been ruminating with me for awhile now.
Her proposal is that we all should set up a daily practice of sustainability. In doing so, it can help combat the eco-anxiety many feel, especially our teens.
Here, in her TEDxBoston talk "Think Like an Awesome Ancestor: A Daily Practice to Ease Eco-Anxiety" she addresses all of the above. Her statistics for Gen Z'ers and their eco-anxiety are eye-opening, striking once again about the mental health crisis we have on our hands--especially when you factor in how social media can elevate all of that. But, by thinking ahead, paying it forward, like planning as your ancestors have in the past, we can lead to a greener cultural change that will benefit our kids and their future kids.

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