Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Plastic-Free This Valentine's Day

 ♥️ Happy Valentine's Day! ♥️

These images struck me that as we are celebrating our loved friends and family this Valentine's Day, maybe we should extend a little love to our planet. Most beautiful part of all of this: it's not limited to just one day in the middle of February. It's something we can do every day!

♥️ I hope your Valentine's Day is full of love and free of plastic! ♥️

if you are still in the market for giving a little plastic-free love today!

"My love language" image from https://twitter.com/ZeroWasteNC/status/1227272442093166593, "Use Real Stuff" image from https://twitter.com/PlasticPollutes/status/1624112261265489934, "Guide to Plastic Free Valentine's Day" image from https://www.beyondplastics.org/holiday-guides/valentines-day 

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