Wednesday, January 25, 2023

One Green Thing: Find Out Your Service Superpower

As a teenager, I was always a fan for a good magazine quiz to determine your shape face, the Disney character you are most like, what your best friendship traits are, what movie protagonist would you be, etc. These days, Buzzfeed (or a slew of other platforms) can serve it up to you digitally. 

Now with Heather White's help, you can do that to find your "Service Superpower" to see where you best fit in helping take climate action. Heather White is author of the blog One Green Thing: Saving Our Sanity + The Planet and the book One Green Thing: Discover Your Hidden Power to Save the Planet.

She has crafted an online assessment to help you determine which of the 7 "service superpowers" you are. Are you a Sage, Spark, Wonk, Adventurer, Beacon, Philanthropist, or Influencer? Click this link to take the quiz to find out.

Her rationale in creating the assessment is that by defining and deciding who you innately are, it will help to squash the eco-anxiety that many of us are facing. We become paralyzed by fear and overwhelmed. When that happens (upon hearing all the doom and gloom), then we find our selves stuck in a quagmire of inaction.

By determining your "service superpower" you "create a daily intention of action."

Here's a video of Heather speaking out about how her daughter served as her inspiration to research eco-anxiety and write the book and build her brand. She hopes that her approach and the assessment bring joy and a changed perspective to a subject that really stresses out a lot of people. Additionally, she hopes that by finding then using your service superpower, you can be catapulted, step by step, one green thing a day, to help combat the climate crisis and create a better world. 

And, since my superpower is a Wonk, I'll share in a later post some of my favorite take aways from the book!

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