Saturday, January 14, 2023

Environmental Inspiration from Prince Ea

Prince Ea always speaks to me with his views on being in the moment, embracing life, and maximizing our time to center around priorities. A lot of time, that comes from unplugging and being in nature--something that seems increasingly more difficult for all of us to do as we become habituated in this overly connected, "tech-i-fied" and "tech-i-fried" world. 

I ran across a recent video of his entitled "Quitting Social Media," which discusses all of this and also where he's been lately since he's been out of the social media world. It was excellent, thought provoking, and takes you on a bit of an existential adventure....which is kind of where I've been a bit lately

In my clicking, I landed on this video Prince Ea created around Earth Day 2022: "Dear Parents, Do You Love Your Kids." The premise of it is that if we as parents did love our kids, we'd care more about the planet we are leaving behind. It's a good commentary on stewardship and the importance of working together the for greater good of our Earth. The message is that we should approach the climate change challenge through activism and partnering with each other versus politics and fear. 

It's also timely in that he mentions two quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr, which seems perfect to post this weekend. Additionally, Martin Luther King Day is often seen as a day of service, which ties with the environmental nudge from Prince Ea at the end of the video to check out the Nature Conservancy's "Let's Planet Together."

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