Saturday, July 10, 2021

The Roving Naturalist

Environmental education is the heart of GTG, so it's no surprise that I've fallen in love with Sheryl, The Roving Naturalist. 

Her YouTube Channel is extensive, with the following description.

"Welcome to The Roving Naturalist! On this channel, I want to answer all of the questions you never knew you had about how humans and the natural environment fit together. We'll explore topics related to humans and nature - everything from vegetarianism to green living to how to build a backyard habitat. We'll discuss books about nature, the environment, and science. We'll hear from all kinds of scientists, ranging from seasoned experts to graduate students at the beginning of their research careers. And of course, I'll bring you with me as I go on some of my favorite bike rides, ski trails, paddling trips, and hikes so that we can be roving naturalists together. Subscribe for content that gets you excited about natural science!"

Here's another good sneak preview! 

Her playlists include:

  • Environmental Ed 101
  • Ecosystem Spotlights
  • Nerding Naturalist
  • Sheryl Speaks
  • Fast Field Guides
  • Roving Vlogs
  • Turf Wars with her and Nancy from SciBugs
  • Explain Yourself
  • Science Behind the Movies

With nearly 200 videos, she's definitely one follow! 

Video from and banner from her Channel:

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