Saturday, January 30, 2021

The Environment: There's An App For That

It would seem there's just about an app for everything these days. 
The environment? Sure, even for that! 

In fact, there are a few:

Think Dirty

The personal care industry is chocked-full of a whole lot of chemicals and potentially toxic ingredients that sometimes are packaged in earth-friendly and healthy labeled bottles with greenwashing claims of being "100% organic," "natural," and "eco-friendly"...when in fact they may not be. With the help of the Think Dirty app, you can scan the barcode and find out what's really inside the product you are buying. It will also give you "cleaner" alternatives to the product in your hand. As an independent source, you get the true "dirt" on what exactly you have in your hand and might be putting on your skin, face, or hair. They currently have over 850,000 products from the cosmetic and personal care departments in their database from most American & Canadian companies. In addition to rating products and shopping lists, it also can help you track how you are "cleaning up" your bathroom products.

Compilation Lists:

These 3 lists have some go-to apps to check out if you want to be sure to travel a little lighter on our planet.

Apple's App Store "Lend a Hand from Home" Page

Here you'll find a dozen or so apps that will help you do a variety of things to help our Earth from ways to repurpose clothing, plant trees via web searches, cook and eat greener, eliminating junk mail and more.

Here, author Shelby Brown mentions a few of the same apps mentioned in the Apple App page above, but also includes others like how to find: water stations for refilling your water bottle, vegan/vegetarian restaurant, and gardening tips to darken the shade of your green thumb. 

Deccan Herald's Earth Day 2020 Top 5 Must Have IOS Apps to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

Again, you'll find more of the same (which should really emphasize the point that these apps are top finds)... however, I included this one for the "Seek by iNaturalist" app mentioned. It's a great way to connect with nature (for young and old alike) by helping you identify the flora and fauna you encounter on your hikes or out in your backyard. 

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