Saturday, August 17, 2019


In our tech-centric, social media world, #FOMO is a thing we've all come to understand. For those who don't know what FOMO is, it's "Fear of Missing Out." We all seen (and probably fallen victim to) the sanitized & sometimes scripted social media posts of fun, adventure, excitement, or the perfect moment. It makes you want to be there, and it puts you in a position of comparison, often times feeling like you aren't measuring up. A definite downside of social media.

But what if... WHAT IF... there's a flip side to the FOMO coin? A possible cure for the anxiety-producing FOMO What about #JOMO? A not-so-common hashtag, and perhaps an unfamiliar term. What is JOMO?
The Joy of Missing Out!
It's the FOMO foil--the counter side of the coin. It's a perspective shift, centered in a mindful approach of being right exactly where you are. It puts you in YOUR moment. Here's the JOMO manifesto, as created by Christina Crook and you can learn more on her JOMO website:

It's a purposeful way of unplugging, of being more in the moment and less connected to our phones first. It's a way of connecting more with real people, with nature and being more mindful -- both generally & digitally mindful! It's a way to truly be alive and with the ones you love. It's also an escape of FOMO, because you aren't even engaging in that comparison-style way of thinking.

Sounds to me like a more purposeful and pleasant way to be. It also sounds like gratitude is a good way to get you there. May we all have more JOMO in our lives, especially here in our last sweet days of summer!

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