Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Why Just Settle for Earth Day: Make it an EdTech Earth Week

I have a long history of "Earth Day" being more like "Earth Week." That is what happens when you teach at a very green "Maryland 'Green' School" for 7 years... then move to another school & put yourself on the committee that's committed to getting it certified as "green" school too.

(You can check out that history and get your GTG "Earth Day" history up to date by scrolling through here.)

With Earth Day falling on a Sunday this year, I vote we make this week ahead Earth Week too. (Would that be "Earth Week II?")

For some of us, that means we get to piggy back one week with another week on top! 2 weeks celebrating, honoring, and protecting the Earth! One-twenty-sixth of a year! I love it! I'll take it. It also goes to show you that it can and SHOULD be more than a day!

Here is a slew of educational technology activities that tie nicely to Earth Day. May these be a lovely way to extend and continue that celebration and protection of Mother Earth! Plus, it's through taking action and working to make a difference that we all feel like we are indeed doing something. This is what it will take to shift the pendulum to where we feel like we are standing up for what is important for us, taking advantage of innovative trends, and moving forward to where we all should be!

  • ARMAP Arctic Map
      • Use ARMAP to see the "Who, What, Where, and When of U.S. Arctic Science."

Closing with 2 #edtech #eco shares from my school this last week...from some of our youngest to our oldest at our Lower School, as shared via our Seesaw Digital Portfolio:

  • A Kindergartner's view of how we can be "helping hands" to the Earth:

Images from, and student digital creation this Earth Day 2018.

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