Wednesday, April 11, 2018

#Plogging: For Both You & Your Planet!

A new fitness trend is sweeping the nation (though one might argue it's not as new as the notoriety it's been getting). "Plogging" is the latest rage, a trend that originated in Sweden.  What is plogging, you ask?

Plocka upp (Swedish for "picking up trash") + Jogging = Plogging

The premise behind plogging (or "trash running") is simple: grab your running shoes & a trash bag (and maybe even a pair of gloves) to help both you and your health, and that of the planet!

Though the rage this season in media, it actually tracks back to 2016 via social media. But it's gained new momentum in the news and the U.S. nonprofit organization with February's "Keep America Beautiful" campaign.

As with much of everything, there's an app for that. The Lifesum Interantional Health app allows you to track plogging to raise awareness of the amount of plastic pollution that is out there.

Plogging also has additional health benefits as it incorporates squats in the "picking up" portion of your exercise regime. By building in those squats, you are able to burn more calories according to some sources (235 calories an hour, versus 288 cal/hr. from jogging alone). Plus it increases your balance and flexibility. Additionally, the extra weight of your growing bag of trash helps build up those arm muscles too!

To really learn more, go on Twitter and just search up #plogging. You'll find a slew of real life examples of people out there helping the pollution problem of our planet!

I personally know my knees would never be able to handle it.  I might have to take up #Plalking instead! ;-)  Sounds like a great thing to do this month of Earth Day!

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