Saturday, April 14, 2018

Solar Panel Sightings & Classroom Resources

One of my daily rituals on the way to driving to school is to check out the several houses en route that  have solar panels. They change seasonally, even daily:
  • Blankets of snow on them in the winter;
  • The sliding, gliding snow melt as the sun above warms them;
  • Dew on early morning;
  • Reflecting the sun, reflecting the clouds.
We've watched as more have appeared on our route over the years. My son points them out. We even got to witness the overnight appearance on one house as they were adding more. These silent storehouses of energy strike me as soldiers, attentive, standing firm, doing their job.

I must say, I'm proud of them. They are a stunningly gorgeous, a symbol of innovation. It is the countries that lead in alternative energy such as sun and wind that will succeed in making our planet ready to face the future!

Below are some kid-friendly facts and lessons plans/activities for parents & teachers alike:

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