Wednesday, March 14, 2018

World Water Day 2018: March 22nd

We are in the season of environmental days:
  • International Day of Forests, Next Wednesday:
    • Created by the United Nations General Assembly
    • Annually March 21st since 2012
  • Earth Hour is coming up: 
    • Annually the 4th Saturday of March since 2007
    • This year, March 24th--stay tuned for up-coming posts!
  • Earth Day is a month away:
    • Annually April 22nd since 1970
    • Definitely, more to follow!

And then there's World Water Day, which is next Thursday: March 22nd. Celebrated annually since1993, World Water Day is an international observance to bring about active awareness and consciousness about how vital water is to each of us on this planet. Unfortunately, clean, safe drinking water is a commodity which not everyone can access.

The theme this year is "Nature for Water." The focus is on how to use nature to best support our current day environmental concerns for water. Their fact sheet is chock-full of both statistics (like in the video below) as well as some ways nature-based solutions to guide our management of this precious resource.

Here's a video I created using Adobe Spark with images provided on World Water Day's Resource page. May it inspire you in multiple ways to think twice before that long shower or that running faucet while you brush your teeth.

For more environmental days to mark your calendar, check out these 3 sites:

Calendar clip art from; logo from, video created on Adobe Sparks with images from World Water Day's Resource Page:

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