Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Smartstrand Carpet Challenge

Recently my family decided after 10 years in our house, it was time to get new carpet. Our demands (with kids and dogs) were simple: dirt-colored. We'd had enough of the light beige that too easily showed the wear and tear of family life (and which was probably put in right before we bought our house to make it look all shiny and new. Light colored carpet never looks like that!)

As we were looking at samples, and deciding on a dirt-colored gray for our living room and a dirt-colored brown for the 3 upstairs bedrooms, hallway, and two stairwells, we landed on two we liked. As we were talking to the fellow who was in our home showing us the carpet samples, my li'l #eco brain started getting excited. The two carpets we landed on had a hefty eco-history built in. Our gray living room choice is made out of 100% plastic bottles. This makes for a nice companion to our bamboo-flooring TV room! (It's the little things in life that excite us).

The tan-neutral that we chose for the bigger collection of rooms and stairs also had a nice eco-element: it too is composed of renewable resources. Another big win for this girl! We were told it was 50% corn sugar and 50% plastic bottles. Apparently, after some research, maybe not so much, but close. This girl is still excited by the Triexta PPT/Sorona/SmartStrand carpet fiber: up to 37% corn sugar (also called 'corn glucose') and recycled materials. Additionally, with it being less chemical-based in creation, there is significantly less off-gassing of VOC's (or 'volatile organic compounds') than regular carpets. Add in it's "hydrophobic" and does not absorb easily. Another win for TeamGTG!

But possibly the most interesting "curb appeal" of SmartStrand carpet is in the video below--which takes place at a zoo! Watch the video here (or here below) to see the SmartStrand Carpet Challenge in action with rhinos, elephants, and camels. There may be hope for our house yet! ;-)

Video from, images from my house

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