Saturday, June 10, 2017

Summer is Here for You, Teachers

This week, we had the last day of school for summer.  Yes, every year the song "School's Out For Summer" reverberates in my brain for about two weeks surrounding this time period!

While I still have two days of wrap up meetings, tidying up, and end of the year luncheon's this week ahead, we are officially here. Summer. Some schools have been there for a bit while some still may have a bit to go. But in honor of this season, I want to share these videos with you, my teacher friends. Being one of you, I know how hard you work, and how this gift of sunshiny days are your reward for a year spent well--working hard, planning perfect lessons, grading mountainous stacks of papers, assessing projects, writing report cards, worrying about your students, celebrating the accomplishments and caring for your crew.

May summer be yours to cherish, refresh, reinvigorate, and ready yourself for fall!

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