Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Growing, Glowing, & Going to Destination Imagination’s Globals #GF17

Destination Imagination [DI] is the epitome of the Maker Movement marrying STEM skills. I’ve gotten a chance to see that first-hand, up-close-and-personal,  this year with my son and his first adventure at DI.

We nervously nibbled our fingernails at the end of February at Regionals, where we placed 2nd place in "Show & Tech," the DI 2017 technical category. 

The angst grew in March as we made our way to State. Our school (who has a couple DI teams each year) has been fortunate enough to have had at least one team per year head to Globals the last 3 years. We always had hope with my son's team this year, but no expectations. We were dazed, amazed, & thrilled to earn a stunning 2nd place success once again at State.

From here, all roads led next to Globals, May 23--27th. This week! In honor of that, here’s my acrostic ode to honor our 7 boys and our Knoxville adventure we are living, here at Globals.

Delving into a year of teamwork at school,

Engineering, building, computing, concocting, and planning.

Seven of our boys became the “Double-O-Severn” crew.

Twenty-first century skills in action: creativity, collaboration,

Inventing to problem solve, innovating, & inquiring along the way.

Not always smooth-sailing, because collaboration isn’t

Always pretty. It can be messy, loud, distracting, frustrating.

Teamwork at its finest, trying to come together for a common goal

In their Central Challenge; improv-ing through Instant Challenges.

Over time, growing, sharpening skills, and finding their voices,

Never giving up, building persistence and grit as they go.

I’ve seen these boys grow indeed, sharpening their skit & their skills,

Making improvements and capitalizing on their talents.

As the year went on, these 7 boys, just like other boys and

Girls globally, gave of themselves, to each other and to their coaches,

Integrating their ideas, taking initiation, & getting involved.

Never stopping. Working hard & taking pride in their performances

At tournaments; regardless of ranking & place, keeping pace, &

Triumphing along the way. Kudos to all who made

It every step along the way. Regionals. State. All is great.

Onward we go to Globals, slightly stunned, yet ever-excited.

Never have we been more proud—parenthood is chock-filled with these moments.

What an opportunity of a lifetime 
& priceless memories in the making.

More in a future post on our antics 
while in Knoxville, 
soaking up all that makes up 
Destination Imagination Globals.

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