Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Diet Coke Days Be Gone

Diet Coke and I go back... way back. My family knows that. My colleagues know that. The students I've taught through the years know that. (Yes, I've gotten Diet Coke for Teacher Appreciation Day before--more than once!)

Apparently too, my daughter heard from a buddy of hers that her high school Health class also knows that--not from her, but from a former student of mine from 6-7 years ago. My diet soda saturation apparently made an impact on him, all these years later, and he mentioned my name in class when the health benefits of diet soda was the topic of conversation.

My Diet Coke consumption clearly infamous.

Maybe it was that health class episode (my husbands supposition), or perhaps it was one too many "Model Health Show" podcasts (my theory) that finally did the trick to move me beyond my diet soda bandwagon, jumping instead to the green tea brigade. (Which, I just realized, sounds a lot like "Green Team"... as in "Gazette!" Hmm... maybe that's the true reason I've made the switch!)

People who know me and my 2-3 can a day habit know how big of a deal this is!I feel like I'm at an AA podium, making the announcement to the crowd: "Hi, my name's Vicki. I'm a diet soda junkie, and today I've been Diet Coke-Free for exactly 2 months." Insert a round of "Hi Vicki" here.

As I was finding all the merits of green tea back around St. Patty's Day, I was also paying attention to the infographics detailing the perils of diet soda. All the ones I had conveniently been ignoring all these years. As my mom said, if it can clean a penny, that corrosion might not be good for my interior. Good point.
Like the "tangy zip of Miracle Whip," the carbonated zing of a Diet Coke was a welcome midday friend. But I startled myself these past 2 months--I have never really missed it.

I'm still wrestling with getting used to the actual-drinking-of-hot-beverages. It's so hot! And some places, tea (& likely coffee) only come in evil Styrofoam, so I'm certainly environmentally-conflicted there. But it's still... 2 months later... green tea for the win!

Infographic from; no soda pic from; green tea image

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